A secular and feminist anti-violence center, a space freed from abandonment 10 years ago and returned to the city, now it is at risks of closing because the owner of the building, Atac s.p.a., in a financial crisis, has decided to sell. We will not leave Lucha y Siesta!
The house of women Lucha y Siesta in Rome, which has been fighting violence against women for almost 10 years, is at risk of closing as the owner of the building, ATAC Spa, is in financial crisis and wants to sell. We have received several signs of acceleration of the disposal procedure and we are not going to be the rubble of a business operation that threatens the social value of ten years of history just to heal years of scandal and bad financial management.
Since 2008, the abandoned building in Via Lucio Sestio 10, which the district has known as the Cecafumo substation, has become the house of women Lucha y Siesta, a place where different lives, dreams, stories of bravery and desire meet, and relationships for beginning to exit from violence are built.
Lucha is a secular and feminist anti-violence center, a listening place to find orientation and hospitality, a space for self-determination and personal imagination for all those who, living it, make it alive and for all those who, leaving it, come out stronger and more determined. Lucha is a laboratory of social planning and participation according to one’s own desires and abilities. Lucha is a network for approaching work and training, for legal assistance and psychological support for the individual and collective paths of women’s autonomy. Lucha is a heart of solidarity and sharing. Lucha has been recognised as a wealth for years by associations, institutions, voluntary social services and third sector. Lucha is the space we have freed and we deserve to live in. Lucha is a constantly evolving political laboratory that we are not willing to give up.
We have replaced waste and abandonment with a feminist political social project and a path towards the recovery of the building that stopped its decline, to make it liveable with daily care and maintenance.
We have responded to the system that privatizes profits and socialize losses with a real enhancement made up of bodies in relation, experimentations, active inclusion, and accessible culture.
By being free we have believed in a political project with a broad and transversal vision that has given home and shelter to dozens of stories of violence and loneliness, which have been transformed here into redemption and self-determination. Lucha y Siesta has treasured the relationships between women that generates a power of transformation capable of building a better society for everyone, allowing today many and many to talk about a new feminist paradigm for change.
Together with all those women who are rebelling around the world and who gave birth to the international movement Not One Less, we count ourselves alive, and as long as we are alive, we will never stop dreaming, indeed we will continue to outline common perspectives more and more visionary. If the world wants us unsure, subordinate and disillusioned we will be strong protagonists of the future.
We will not leave Lucha y Siesta, we are not willing to take a step back but rather we launch with renewed strength an invitation to all to which these words will arrive: let’s build women’s houses in every district, in every city, all over the world!
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